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Q. What type of power is used to operate the Marpac safety lites?

A. Almost all of our LED safety lites are battery powered. In most cases either “AA” or “AAA” batteries are the power source. We also have rechargeable versions of the SL-182 and SL-193 Red and Amber lites.

Q. How long do the batteries last?

A. Depending on the model of lite and the active function (flashing uses batteries more quickly) the usable battery life varies from 24 hours to 200 hours. Using a good grade of alkaline battery you should receive at least 24 hours use with the SL-Series lites (Portable Signal Lite) before noticing a decline in brightness and at least 200 hours use with the PSL-Series lites (Personal Safety Lites).

Q. How far are the Marpac Safety Lites visible?

A. In early testing, the standard red and amber model SL-182 was visible from a distance of 1.3 miles. Granted, it was just a spec at that distance, but we could tell if our test person was holding a red or amber. It’s really hard to see anything at that distance without the aid of binoculars.

The Personal Safety Lites are visible for a distance of approximately ½ mile.

Q. Are the Marpac Safety Lites waterproof?

A. Not quite. All of our safety lites are “weatherproof”. They can be used outside in the rain without leaking. Waterproof usually means submersing something in water for an extended period of time. We have done this with the SL-182, but in order to keep it submersed, we had to include a brick to keep it under water…it floats. After several days, enough water leaked in to create a problem with the circuit.

Q. How durable are the SL-Series lites?

A. Please don’t lay one in your parking lot and run over it with a tractor trailer…it will not survive. However, the SL-Series lites are equipped with polycarbonate lens and will not shatter. These lenses are not scratch resistant, but the lens would be very difficult to break. The housing assembly is also made of a durable polymer to withstand damage.

Q. Why are the blue and white lites more expensive?

A. It takes a more intense process to create a white LED light. There are presently two types of white LED’s. The original type consists of red, green, and blue LED chips closely combined to create white. A newer kind of white LED is created by using a blue LED in conjunction with special phosphors to convert blue to white.

Q. I’m a truck driver; can LED lights be used in place of chemical flares.

A. No. However, they can be used as Supplemental Warning Devices “in addition to, but not in lieu of, the required warning devices*, provided those warning devices do not decrease the effectiveness of the required warning devices.”

* Required warning devices as defined in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard include: Three bidirectional emergency reflective triangles that conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125, §571.125; or at least 6 fusees or 3 liquid burning-flares.